Why An Audiologist?

When it is time for a hearing loss assessment, in the State of Michigan, you can go to an Hearing Instrument Specialist (HIS) or an Audiologist. While both are licensed by the State of Michigan to fit people for hearing aids, there are different educational requirements and training for each professional. The HIS must complete high school and pass a national exam, while an Audiologist has a minimum of a Master’s degree and more likely a doctorate degree. The Audiologist also receives intensive training for 4 or more years prior to receiving their license. The Audiologist is licensed by the State of Michigan to diagnose and treat hearing loss, in addition to balance disorders and tinnitus. After graduation, they must complete extensive supervised training in the field. They must also participate in continuing education as long as they practice.

When it comes to assessing your hearing levels, determining the causes of your hearing loss and prescribing treatment, an Audiologist can provide a greater range of services than an HIS.

When you can select an Audiologist associated with an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist (ENT), if an underlying medical condition is suspected, the ENT can work with your Audiologist to treat your condition. The ENT and audiologist will work as a team for optimal results.

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