Deviated Septum and Septoplasty

What is a Deviated Nasal Septum?

A deviated septum involves a displacement of the septum, the wall that separates the nostrils, to one side of the nose.

This condition makes one nasal passage smaller than the other, which can affect breathing if the displacement is great enough.

Patients with a severe deviated septum may experience nasal congestion, nosebleeds and frequent or recurring sinus infections because of their uneven nasal passages.

Surgery may be required to correct the displacement. Surgery involves a procedure called a septoplasty to reposition the septum in the center of the nose.

Deviated Septum Expert in Grand Blanc, Mi


Septoplasty is a surgical procedure used to straighten the septum, the partition between the nostrils, improving the nasal airway and overall function of the nose and sinuses.  Indications for surgery include; restricted breathing through the nose, recurring nose bleeds, sinus obstruction and nasal trauma. Septoplasty is often performed in conjunction with Rhinoplasty.

Septoplasty Instructions

The main reasons for this surgery are:

To repair a crooked, bent, or deformed nasal septum that blocks the airway in your nose. People with this condition usually breathe through their mouth and may be more likely to get nasal or sinus infections.


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